Free Spirit Healing & Wellness Centre

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage consists of using various massage techniques and warm stones. These basalt stones are formed by sedimentary and volcanic action. The heat relaxes the body at a very deep level and promotes peace and harmony within the body. Not only does it relax you, the hot stone massage also brings about systemic changes in the body. It helps to increase circulation, increase metabolism and elimination, and relaxes the connective tissue of the muscles. The hot stone doesn’t just help your physical body but works on spiritual and emotional levels as well. It helps to open up the energy centers within the body and helps to balance the mind. 

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a technique that has been used by many different health care professionals for many years. It helps to evaluate the function and effectiveness of the muscles. When tested we can find out which one is in a weakened state and then strengthen it so that all the muscles are balanced and functioning correctly. It is thought that if one of the systems in our body is out of balance, there are systems being affected by this. To balance the muscles, we restore the energy flow back into it. It also gives relief to the associated organ. In turn when the whole body is balanced and energy is restored the body will work at its full potential once again. 


This is the study of activating reflex points on the feet, that correlate with specific anatomy parts within the body that are divided into ten zones. This helps the clients shift their nervous responses from “sympathetic” to “parasympathetic” which is necessary to be able to heal physically. The main benefits are that it aids in the reduction of stress, improves circulation and aids in homeostasis (balance) of the body. This practice of energy and massage techniques helps to stimulate the nervous system and adjust the body to its optimum balance. 

Wholistic Services will be offered by Certified Practitioner, Atalaya Jackson