Free Spirit Healing

 What is Success Therapy?

Suggestion Sessions: Like a hypnosis cd, I will do all the speaking and focus on creating positive images around the way you want your life to be.

Regression Sessions: Like timeline therapy, go back in time to events in the past that have reinforced the current issue. Once you get back to that event, there are many things you can do, and many therapies that focus on regression therapy. You can do anything from simply remembering the event and moving on, to resolving it as we do with Success Therapy.

Success Therapy: This is a simple process that packs a huge punch. Not only is it a form of regression therapy, but it ensures that resolution is reached on a given issue.

One of the huge advantages of Success Therapy is that you don't need to be in hypnosis in order for it to work. Because of the involvement of the conscious mind that is necessary, most people remain in lighter states of hypnosis anyway. By going back to the 'initial sensitising event' you naturally are in a hypnotic state anyway. Anything deeper than that is simply more pleasurable or intense; neither of which is necessary when you go through this process.

By including functions of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind not only do you feel more in control of the process, you ARE in more control of the process. Success Therapy is 100% client focused, meaning that the process simply guides you. What happens at every step of the way is 100% completely up to you. Left, right, forward, or stop. You are always in control.

And that's a great way to be.

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