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Family Support and Counselling 

Are you a parent struggling to understand your teen?

Are you a teen struggling to understand your parent? 

Often, these years can feel and appear to be the most trying for parents and for teens. The struggle to set boundaries and discipline, and yet allow your youth the space for individuation and self empowerment is a fine and delicate balance. The desire as a teen to make your own decisions and become independent, yet remain respectful to your parents limits and rules can often lead to frustration and arguments.

Free Spirit Healing offers a new perspective for both parents and teens through counselling, energy treatments, and alternative techniques that can help to heal relationships and bring you to a new understanding of yourself and your interactions with your loved one.

After 11 years combined of working as a Family School Liason Worker, Youth Coordinator, Outreach Worker, Counsellor, and Correctional Officer, Candace has seen the devastation caused by the break down of family relationships and the joy when they are restored. Through her own personal struggles with her teen, she has learned through the use of many resources and modalities, what was beneficial and effective in their healing journey. Her wish is to share these with other families that are struggling to bring healing and hope.... 

Because there is always hope! 


Coaching Program

When we begin to make changes in our life, too often we find that we can slip back into old ways of thinking and patterns of behavior. It’s not that we simply choose to do this, but often our subconscious beliefs and conditioning can work against us even when we are trying to move forward and make healthier choices in our lives. Often, it is easy to fall back into what is "comfortable". Moving forward into the unknown, even if it is what you desire, can often cause fear, doubt, and worry. This is where Support and Coaching Calls can help make a difference to keep you focused on your goals and dreams! Weekly calls can address the issues that are appearing in your life and help you to work through those fears. This support can assisy you in retaining your clarity and your commitment, and push through what you may be struggling with before you settle back into old patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Each call is approximately 30 minutes in length and will help you to celebrate your successes, as well as empower you to make changes in the areas of struggle.

You can choose to access this program combined with other Free Spirit Healing services, or separately. There are several options available.

Option 1 - Weekly Support and Coaching Calls.

Option 2 - Weekly Support and Coaching Calls combined with bi-monthly Reiki/Energy Treatment.

Option 3 - Weekly Support and Coaching Calls combined with Reiki/Energy Treatment once/month.

We can discuss what will best suit your needs and set up a plan that is uniquely designed for you! Please contact the Free Spirit Healing Centre to begin your journey of healing and self-empowerment!


Note: If you are interested in the Coaching Program and would like to combine this with Success Therapy, please visit to make arrangements.