Free Spirit Healing & Wellness Centre

 Emotional Release Drumming Circles

Music in all forms can touch the soul and heal the spirit. Drumming connects us to ourselves  - our mind, body, and Spirit. Often, we can find that we focus our our attention on doing instead of being and with the hustle and bustle of daily living, we sometimes don’t give ourselves time to deeply feel everything that is happening in the  mental, emotional and spiritual part of our selves. Drumming can help us to get present and connect with ourselves, with spirit, and begin to openly and genuinely feel and begin to release these emotions. 

In the Emotional Release Drum Circle, the focus will be on using guided meditation, breathwork, singing, and positive affirmations as we drum. It will be a blend of methods with tradtional Native American principles combined with other healing modalities.

Benefits of the Emotional Release Drum Circle:

  • relieves feelings of stress and anxiety
  • promotes feelings of presence and peace
  • releases emotion and feelings
  • guided meditation techniques create positive emotional states 
  • promotes a sense of harmony, unity, and community
  • releases built up energy in our bodies
  • improves spiritual, emotional, and mental well being
  • is a form of self expression
  • is a method of play - we all need to have fun!
  • is exhilarating and liberating!
The Emotional Release Drumming Circle will be 
 held monthly at the Free Spirit Healing Centre.
Please visit our events page and calendar for monthly dates and times.